Niklas Mulders

Niklas Mulders

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Leeftijd: 24
Geboortedatum: 3 december

Over mijzelf:

Hi there, I am a 20 year old student in Split Croatia. I would like to study at the University of Amsterdam in the dutch language, therfore I want to get very basic knowledge in the dutch language and increase it to the point where I eventually can pass the NT2 language exam. Furthermore I always lived at the border region to the Netherlands and I am just very interested in learning dutch. I speak german and english fluently, so anyone how wants to learn german here I am.

Furthermore I would like to learn Italian, because I would like to do an Erasmus year there, so if anyone want to tech some Ialian to me that would be awesome :) Please text me :))

I am also generally open to new languanges, like spanish or portugese, but my main focus is on the dutch language & culture. Just text me :)


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  • Duits (Duitsland) | Moedertaal
  • Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk) | Vergevorderd

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