Lynn Lunar

Lynn Lunar

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Leeftijd: 21
Geboortedatum: 18 augustus

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Hello everybody! My name is Lynn and I'm 16 years old and I live in Germany. I want to improve my French skills (because of my grades) and I want to learn Japanese and Dutch. I would also love to meet people from Australia because I want to go there for a year after I'm done with school. I love learning languages and my goal is to learn as many languages as possible. I already learn English,French and Spanish in school and I find it difficult to learn other languages than English, so I want to give it a try with a partner. I've just started with Dutch and Japanese and maybe later want to learn Arabic. I am a Make-Up and Beauty Enthusiast and I listen to every kind of music, I like to talk with people all around the world who can keep the contact. If you want, I would love to help you with German (High German but if you want, I can also teach you some slangs or the dialect which is spoken in my area). I don't care if you just want to start with German or if you already got experience in speaking the language, I'll help either way. I find it easier to teach over text messenger or E-Mail. I'm looking forward to texting with you! <3


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