Ioannis Chrysakis

Ioannis Chrysakis

Persoonlijke informatie

Leeftijd: 37
Geboortedatum: 25 juli

Over mijzelf:

Greetings everyone,

My name's Ioannis, Although I 've studied mechanical engineering, I have discovered my aptitude for foreign languages, my desire to meet people from all over the world and ultimately travel there. Currently, I 'm learning Swedish -which by the way I find pretty charming- and therefore seek a language partner in order to put them into practice. In return, I'd be happy to offer my help in Greek or English.


Ik spreek:

  • Grieks (Griekenland) | Moedertaal
  • Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk) | Vergevorderd
  • Frans | Gevorderd

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